Havana, Cuba

The Cuban people are the heart and soul of Havana.  Wherever you go or look… children remain playful and happy… the elderly are loved and cared for by all.  Everywhere I walked,  I saw and felt hardship along with beauty, passion and a calm sense of confidence that everything will be ok...This is a photographic journey through Havana...these are memories from the heart.

Because of their perseverance and Orgullo (Cuban Pride), a sense of dignity and hope remains within the Cuban people in spite of their uncertain future.  One of the most important sources of this Orgullo is from the writings and poems of Jose Marti, the hero of all Cubans.  He was a poet and freedom fighter who believed in Cuba Libre...a free Cuba for all.  The idea of a free Cuba from foreign control started before the Spanish American War in the late 1800's through today.  As a result of Jose Marti's writings, influence and sacrifice, Cuba Libre and Cuban Pride is felt today by all Cubans and binds them all together to endure the difficulties they experience day to day during these times of change.

I have been traveling and photographing in Cuba since 1996.  These images were taken during 2004 and 2005 in Havana, Cuba.  Things are definitely changing... but for the good?    Everyone will have to wait and see.

These galleries are a re-edit of a previous version.  This current edit best reflects my heart felt memories that developed since my last visit in 2005.   "Along the way" was photographed as digital black and white... Around the Corner" and "Portraits" are photographed in bright saturated colors… not because this a story of poverty in a colorful third world country or the results of a snap shot approach, but to use color as a beautiful emotional metaphor to complement the narrative of each image.  Eye contact and showing more of the immediate environment in each image was a very important part of my process of connecting to what I saw and felt with my heart as I was photographing through the streets of Havana.

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HAVANA, CUBA...Memories from the heart…
Havana photography...Cuba photography...Little Havana Photos...Take a heart felt journey through Havana, Cuba and Little Havana through the curious eye of James English Photographer.